Relationship Building

  • Provide a network of relationships with established leaders and coaches throughout the complete process of church planting
  • Facilitate a network of relationships with local pastors and churches and other local and non-local church planters and their families


  • Provide and assist with marketing and fundraising strategies
  • Assist with the recruitment and development of church teams and core groups
  • Provide administrative assistance for legal requirements, web and social media, publications, networking, general office, accounting and the building of administration structures


  • Collaborate with community and church leaders to address the needs of the local area and accomplish Kingdom initiatives larger than the local church
  • Recruit new church planters and promote, consult, and encourage healthy churches to effectively parent a new church


  • Provide leadership development, identification, and development of key leaders and team building for pastor/board and pastor/staff/team
  • Provide guidance in the development of church ministries and sustaining spiritual and numerical growth

Health Maintenance

  • Ongoing mentorship, training and leadership development
  • Ongoing health checkup of leadership and ministries through evaluations
  • Help with people assimilation into the local church and the local church into the community


Jerry & Lisa Harris

Jerry Harris is passionate about people and building churches to reach their communities. Before joining the Southern Missouri District as Church Planting Director, Jerry and his wife, Lisa, served as…

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