Keys to Effective Church Planting

Starting a new church is the most exciting and fulfilling opportunity you will ever experience.  Like anything that is worthwhile, starting it is hard work.  This is where we can help.  RMN is committed to providing church multipliers and planters with the tools necessary to plant a healthy, vibrant church that will influence and impact the community.  Planning and preparation are the keys to ensuring success as you pursue your dream and vision of planting a church.

The following steps are key components that statistically increase the chances of a church establishing itself as a long-term and influential part of its local community:

Step 1 – Pray

For guidance regarding where and for whom a new church or Parent Affiliated Church (PAC) should be started.

Step 2 – Connect

Contact the leadership of RMN to seek guidance and counsel regarding the path to choose for starting a new church, i.e. non-affiliated, Parent Affiliated Church, or partnership.  If you are an Assemblies of God minister, RMN leadership will assist in networking, collaborating, and connecting with District and Sectional leadership.

Step 3 – Initiate

RMN works directly with you on each of these six crucial proven steps to launch a successful church:

  • Go through an assessment process -Assessment testing will help you discover your readiness for planting. You will gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses you bring to the planting process.
  • Be trained – Attend a Church Multiplication Network Launch Training (CMN) or Association of Related Churches Training (ARC).
  • Build a Team – This will include prayer team, core team and launch team.
  • Development of Operations/Administration/Legal strategy systems
  • Finances/Fundraising
  • Location/Facility

 Our team is here to serve, partner, and pray with you as you pursue God’s vision to build His church.

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