Peoples Church STL, St. Louis

Brandon & Dorothy Wilkes

Pastors Brandon and Dorothy Wilkes have been married almost 20 years and in ministry together for 13.  Pastor Brandon says, “At Peoples Church we are truly all about relationships.  We are not a big church, we don’t want to be.  We want everyone to know everyone else, so that we can become close friends that behave like family, to laugh together in the good times, and support each other in the hard times.

We are intentionally racially diverse because God created so many cool people and cultures that we would be missing out if we hung around with just one.

We meet as a church in homes so that we may build authentic relationships as we eat, laugh, and pray together. We are also committed to serving people in need whether that means volunteering at a school, helping at a homeless shelter or serving on the mission field.  We sum up who we are in one sentence: We are a Racially Reconciled, Generationally Rich Family Living, Loving and Serving Like Christ.”

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