Reach Church, St. Louis

Chris & Laura Wiggs

Christopher and Laura Wiggs are the founding and lead pastors of Reach Church in St. Louis, Missouri. Along with their daughters Jaylie and Lydia In August 2017, they took a leap of faith and moved to the St. Louis area with a dream of planting a diverse, life-changing Church for everyone. They did not know where they would live or how they would provide for their family. Miraculously, though, God provided every step of the way! The dream to start a Church in St. Louis has been growing in their hearts for years, and they are excited to finally see it come to pass. Chris and Laura have been ministering together for over a decade and believe that God has purposefully placed them in St. Louis to REACH people for Jesus! Interest meetings and team building have already begun, and Reach Church plans to launch in March 2019! Please be in prayer as they prepare for this wonderful opportunity to REACH out into their community!

Chris and Laura have been ministering together for over a decade, revitalizing churches in Missouri, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Chris is a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God.

For more information and the latest news, visit us at or find us on Facebook at Reach Church Stl.