Reach Missouri Network is excited to be partnering with Steve Moore in a new partner project, Renew Foundation Center.  For the past 20+ years Steve has worked with Prison Fellowship Volunteers leading weekend Bible seminars and worship services at the prisons in Farmington and Bonne Terre, MO.

“My first time in the prison, I saw many of the men who were truly free in Jesus, even though they were locked up behind walls,” Steve said.  “God showed me how all the years I was away from Him, even though I was walking around free on the streets, I was in a prison and didn’t even know it.”

Now God has called Steve to start Renew Foundation Center, providing immediate spiritual support, job referrals, and help with transportation and housing needs to felons after they walk out of prison. Steve says the recidivism rate for released felons drops from 50% to about 14% when they have the spiritual support they need to face life’s challenges outside prison.

Partner with us in prayer and support for this exciting new ministry that will provide immediate spiritual support and walk alongside newly released prisoners as they reacclimate to society.

P.O. Box 179182, St. Louis, MO. 63117 | 314-532-6708 |

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