The Restoration House is a nonprofit that is focused on healing the wounds of the broken young generation who grow up in poverty and on the streets, feeling like they have no hope for tomorrow.

At Restoration House we know a good part of our youth may not have the necessary life skills being shared at home, so our goal is to reach the youth of this city and nurture their entire being. Many of the statistics above show the disparity that our city possesses, but for Restoration House, these statistics show ground that needs to be worked. They show the possibility and the potential of the power of love. Restoration House is where basic needs meet the whole person. Through our á la carte Case Management, we will be able to cater to the basic needs that our youth need most, as well as handle the entire person. The Case Management services will allow Restoration House case managers to engage with the youth and find out where the youth is in need with basic needs, intensive needs, and necessary referrals.  In conjunction with that, Restoration House has relationships and alliances with local organizations to draw mentors and to refer our youth to the biggest piece of the puzzle. We are centered on the whole person. We are restoring the brokenness and allowing the pieces to come back together so that our youth can share their wholeness and impact our community one child at a time. We are the restoration.

For more information and the latest news, please visit us at or check us out on Facebook at Restoration House STL.