Supporting All Ministries

In the first six months of 2017, Assemblies of God World Missions sent out over 2,000missionaries across the globe! We have been and continue to be, eager to share the Good News overseas.  While world missions is extremely necessary as more than two-thirds of the world’s population has not been given the opportunity to hear the message of Christ, the need is equally great here at home. The continual planting of a new place of worship is the most important strategy for the growth of the body of Christ in our cities. Just as we are passionate to support our missionaries internationally, we must also be eager to support ministries that are reaching our cities, such as church planting. Church planting is the vehicle that we need to use to reach the lost and continue building the Kingdom of God in the United States.

Reaching Southern Missouri

The Southern Missouri District’s church planting initiative of Project R.E.A.C.H. began in 2016 with the aggressive goal to plant 40 new churches; 20 in St. Louis, 10 in Kansas City, and 10 in Rural Missouri. Now in 2017, we currently have 7 new church planters that are dedicating their lives to sharing the love of Christ to their communities all over Southern Missouri. This is a great time of celebration for our district, but it is also a time to bring awareness. Awareness, that even though we have church planters in the pipeline, the need is still overwhelming, right here in our backyard!

For example, Kansas City is the second largest city in Missouri and has over 475,361 people living in the city limits. What may come as a shock for those surveyed, only 37% of them identify as Christians. Of those who consider themselves Christian, only 1.6%attend an Assemblies of God church! There are 14 Assemblies of God churches in the city of Kansas City and the annual attendance is just slightly over 7,000 people. There is a desperate need for our district to step forward in faith and to obey Jesus’ command to reach our communities. This is not meant as a discouragement, instead, this is a challenge. Let this serve as inspiration and unite us as a body of Christ to share the unchanging love of God.

Our world is lost, eternity is certain, and Jesus is the only way to salvation. If Jesus died for everyone, then everyone must be told. Let us, as a District, be partners in ministry in this crucial church planting movement. Let us be used as an instrument for the Lord to reach Kansas City and beyond. Together as a District, we can be used by God to continue building his Kingdom in Southern Missouri one church plant at a time.

What are Ways that We, as a District, Can Reach this Goal Together?

Note: The data used in this article was received from Sperling’s Best Places,  Data USA, and the Southern Missouri District church records.