Renew Foundation Center is here to provide immediate spiritual support for men and women released from incarceration. Additionally, we are providing referrals for those men and women to find housing, jobs, transportation and other vital services.  The virus is making our job more challenging as offenders continue to be released while our economy has been devastated with Depression like unemployment.  In addition, many transition houses have either shutdown or have suspended taking in new clients.  BUT, God has been faithful as we have had our first clients processed post release and we have been successful in finding them a place to live. Taking it one step at a time, we are working on assisting them in their job search.


In early March, we sent fliers to all the chaplains in the state of Missouri. As of today, we have over 85 requests for assistance. We’ve already had two people released that we have processed and began helping in their transition. Twenty-two of the 85 caseload will be released between now and September.  The first client went back home to her father’s in Cameron, MO near Kansas City.  The other, is in a transition house in St. Louis following his release. This week one of our clients, Josh, goes to the transition house in Farmington. After he gets a job, Josh will be working with our great Christian brother, Randy Pence, to find housing. Randy is on our reentry team and ministers to many people with needs in the Farmington-Bonne Terre area, including former inmates.  Also this week, Bill leaves the Farmington prison to come home to stay at his brother’s house in St. Louis.  We have Bill lined up to take an assessment test for a pre-apprenticeship program. If accepted, Bill could be an apprentice in the carpenter’s union by Labor Day.  Please put these men on your prayer list as they begin their transition into a new phase in their life!


 Three weeks ago, we started a Bible study on Zoom for men offenders. We do not have any women clients in St. Louis as of yet, but we will have programming for women in the future. As we grow, our plans are to offer discipleship training and outreach equipping classes along with Christ centered life skills classes, such as budgeting.


Many of you prayed and supported our in-prison efforts over the years.  That support was and is very much appreciated! While the spiritual scope of RFC is the same, the needs are much bigger.  Most people will be released with just the clothes on their back and a box of personal files. That’s it. The expenses to provide initial help for food and clothing to our clients combined with our internal expenses for mail, gas, insurance, etc. is about $1,100 per month.  The needs are great in our efforts to work with these men and women as they re-start their life out of prison. We want to be right there to help them with their initial physical needs, while walking alongside them, letting them know Jesus continues to be with them.  Statistics show the recidivism rate drops from around 50% to about 14% for offenders who receive spiritual support while on parole.

Whatever you can afford, large or small, one time or monthly, every bit helps!  All contributions will allow us to address both the physical and spiritual needs of these men and women and can be made here. Many of you have already contributed to our efforts, and for that, we are grateful and humbled by your trust!  Your tax-deductible gift will go a long way to help grow God’s kingdom!  We thank you and praise God for any and all help and support you can give!


About a year ago, Renew Foundation Center was incorporated, and we received our 501(c)3 designation. We could not have done it without the help of Jerry & Lisa Harris at the Reach Missouri Network, a ministry that helps launch churches and ministries. A BIG thank you to Jerry & Lisa for their continuous support!!  Also, a BIG thank you to Pastor Chris Wiggs of the Reach Church in St. Ann, Missouri. Chris is part of Reach Missouri Network. Within 30 seconds of meeting, he offered us space in his church!

Thank you to all the great folks involved in the I2I Coalition (Incarceration 2 Integration), a group of St. Louis area reentry people. Their support and encouragement has been huge! Thanks to my pastor at Grace Union Church, Bob Poley, who has met with me on multiple occasions over the last two years. His guidance and support has been invaluable. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to my wife Pam. I cannot thank her or praise God enough for her undying 200% support ever since I was called into the prison ministry 16 years ago.

Praise God how He brings people together!!  And, Thank You For Your Time And Support!!

Steve MooreRENEW Foundation Center